Noa Noa Spring 2018 collection Quotidian has dropped into stores here in New Zealand as well as Australia.


Modern luxurious boho styles define the season.


The collection has been inspired by the adventure in the every day, the extraordinary in the ordinary, The familiar seen in a slightly unfamiliar light. For both design and composition, the collection is investigating wardrobe classics in a fresh way, and working with re-interpreting evergreens and everyday favourites.
The Noa Noa Spring 2018 collection wishes to see the every day through playful unicorn glasses, promote daydream activism and experience the old in a fresh new light.


This season also sees the return of the much loved ‘On This Note’ collection. A capsule collection of pieces inspired by the heritage of Noa Noa but fused with modern technology and fabrications of tomorrow. The range explores and pushes the boundaries of eco-fashion with fabrics such as banana fibre, ramie, organic cotton and silks, while still maintaining the feminine and detailed looks of what makes Noa Noa. This is a collection that will grow each season to include more styles as part of Noa Noa’s continued efforts to produce a sustainable fashion cycle.


Don’t forget to play.


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