Founded in Stockholm, Gaston Luga are a producer of quality backpacks and accessories inspired by Scandinavian design and living. 

Gaston Luga was created with a vision to carry your life in effortless style: a vision they are continuously striving to achieve. Each product is designed with both Scandinavian aesthetics and functionality in mind; bridging the gap between function and design.

Grounded in sustainability, all products are manufactured ethically, with great care in making sure all materials as well as methods of transportation, have the lowest climate impact possible. All Gaston Luga products use no animal based materials and instead opt for vegan and plant based leather alternatives. Low impact packaging is both eco friendly and recyclable and any plastic used is biodegradable.

Alongside this, Gaston Luga have proudly carbon-neutral since 2019 and have ambitious goals to use only eco-friendly materials in all products by 2023.


We are a fashion wholesaler/distributor located in windy Wellington, bringing best-selling labels from around the world to your New Zealand Boutique.

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