Nice Things was created by my parents, Paloma Santaolalla and Miguel Lanna in 1995. Paloma, a young woman from Donosti with exquisite sensitivity, got her taste in fashion from her mother, a woman with a very French style who knew how to find the most wonderful things in vintage flea markets in Paris.

My father, Miguel, who passed away in April 2012, was a natural-born salesman and an inexhaustible dreamer. He was a very warm man and left no one untouched.

They met at a fashion fair in Barcelona and their paths merged forever. They created the clothing-line Globe which was a great success in the 80s. After selling the firm they started-up Nice Things: a family business that has been growing slowly ever since. And so it goes that Nice Things has been growing year after year in a very natural and organic way, providing a very personal outlook on fashion. Clothing for women of all ages that share a special sensitivity, appreciate details and let themselves be seduced by the patterns and colours that make Nice Things so different.

All in all, clothing with a personality that is nothing like the great trends that circle the fashion world and that follows a firm path which mirrors the delicate and feminine style of Paloma Santaolalla.