Sunshine in a Book

Noa Noa High Summer 2018 Collection Sunshine in a Book is now in stores. Inspired by summer flow, the collection is a celebration of the time of year when we have the opportunity to take things slow and do things low. Home or away, the collection is a retrospective mood of favourite pastimes, summer memoriesContinue reading “Sunshine in a Book”

Noa Noa featured in FishHead magazine

Noa Noa Gumboots, Surface Knit, Belt and Jeans Noa Noa Linen Jacket and Core Belt, Noa Noa Gumboots featured throughout Noa Noa Umbrella FishHead Magazine – August 2013 Photography by Sarah Burton Hair & Makeup by Hil Cook and Leanne Hoare from Styling by Sopheak Seng